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Studio Marly

🐅Tiger and Snake, 1862 - Art print

🐅Tiger and Snake, 1862 - Art print

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In this nearly square artwork, a crouching tiger to our left bares its fangs at a hissing snake curled around a tree to our right. With its rump raised and its ears pulled back, the tiger displays its shining yellow eyes as it pushes its front paws forward, its tail curving down towards its rear legs.

Matte 310g Photo Paper

This paper is composed of 100% acid-free alpha cellulose and features a barium sulfate layer. This component ensures greater print longevity, a vibrant white tone, and intense blacks.

The paper has an ultra-smooth completely matte surface that enhances the details of the printed image. The surface doesn't reflect any light, regardless of the viewing angle, making it ideal for display. It provides exceptional contrast, depth, and vibrant colors.

FSC Certified

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